Etiquette For Attending A Child’s Party

This blog post provides a basic yet thorough guide to children’s birthday party etiquette. We will also include tips to help direct parents when hosting or attending a child’s birthday party, which will be geared toward teaching kids how to behave at their own or someone else’s party.

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The birthday gift


One of the most common questions parents have before attending a child’s birthday party is how much money they should spend on the gift. Of course, many factors can influence this decision, but there is some basic etiquette to follow in order to answer this frequently asked question. If you are a family member, something like high-quality toy cars might be the perfect gift. For someone that you only vaguely know through a sports club, a simple book token might be plentiful.


Attending the party


When you or your child are invited to a party, read the invitation carefully and respond as promptly as possible. Don’t be one of these people who leave it until the morning of the event to tell them you can or can’t go – by this point, numbers will have been confirmed and catered for, and you can cause the host a real headache. Put the even in your calendar or diary so that you do not forget, and allow yourself plenty of time to get the gift. 


Unless an invitation states otherwise, do not assume or ask whether siblings or cousins, or even other friends can attend. It is pretty rude and can be embarrassing for the host, you, and the guests if they have to be turned away. Remember, people cater for numbers and may only be allowed a fixed number of guests. If they wanted extra people, they would invite them. 


Make sure your child follows the rules


Before you drop off your children at a birthday party, make sure they are prepared to follow the rules at their friend’s house. Explain that even though the party is taking place somewhere else, they should behave as if they are at home with their parents. Encourage children to listen to the other adults at the party, as this will help their birthday friend have a great time.


Don’t complain


Complaining at a party is a surefire way to ruin the mood. Young birthday guests may become agitated for a variety of reasons, including jealousy over a gift, food selection, or a sugar meltdown. In addition to following the rules, guests must understand that complaining is not polite. Kids, for example, must be prepared to either eat the snacks and treats that are offered to them or know how to politely say no to them. 


Remind them to be grateful and thank the host


Remind birthday party guests to thank their host friends and parents as they leave. Teach children to be grateful from a young age, and they will reap the benefits for many birthdays to come.


By following these guidelines, your child will be invited to parties time and time again. 

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