Epic Water Filters

Most of us are used to having access to filtered water at home. Whether it is from a built in filter in the refrigerator, a filtered pitcher, or a filter fastened to our faucet. But what about when we are on the go? When we don’t necessarily have access to filtered water or, if we do, we might not be confident in the level of filtration that is being offered. Epic Water Filters has an amazing on the go product that can give you the confidence you need when it comes to your water source.

Epic Water Filters offers a variety of different styles and sizes of bottles; insulated and not, as well as popular name brands like Nalgene. The filter is attached to the bottom of the straw in the bottom of the bottle. Simply fill the bottle with water and it will be filtered as you drink through the straw! You do not have to wait for it to sift through a filter like you do with pitchers! Just pour it in and let it filter as you drink.

These bottles are great for camping! I know that when we go camping, we usually have at least a case of water bottles just in case we don’t have access to safe drinking water. I always feel guilty about this just because water bottles are so bad for the environment but I like to have the option just in case. These bottles eliminate the need for disposable bottles! They are also great for hiking because you don’t have to carry water as long as you know you will have access to a water source that can be filtered through your bottles.

Each bottle tells you how many disposable bottles are saved by each filter and the numbers are absolutely crazy! One filter will eliminate the need for 550 disposable bottles. Can you believe that?! These bottles are worth every penny. You can buy replacement filters on their website and they offer a subscribe and save option as well!

I love this product so much and would recommend it to anyone! With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day quickly approaching, grab one of these bottles if you want a gift that you know will get a ton of use and is great for the planet!

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