Entertainment Gift Guide 2020

Just Dance 2020

Gather your friends and family and Just Dance like nobody’s watching with Just Dance 2020! The #1 Music Video Game Franchise of All Time, with over 67 million units sold, is back this fall. The newest, freshest Just Dance celebrates 10 years of bringing people together with 40 new hot tracks, more stunning universes and exclusive surprises for the players to discover!

Join a community of more than 120 million players around the world and get ready to set the dancefloor on fire. Whether there’s something to celebrate or for no reason at all, Just Dance is there for every occasion!

Uno:Ultimate Edition

UNO Flip! Is the UNO card game you know and love with an exciting new twist: a double-sided deck that gives classic gameplay a competitive edge with unique action cards. For those who was want to draw even more, UNO Ultimate Edition is bundled with UNO and UNO Flip! And includes UNO Just Dance, Rayman, Rabbids and winter themes. These variations remix the fun in different ways by adding new theme cards that require different strategies for players to win.


Discovery Tour: Ancient Greece is an educational mode that allows players to discover and explore the world of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey free of conflict and gameplay constraints. It will be available as a free update for all Assassin’s Creed Odyssey owners or as a standalone game on Windows PC. From the heights of snowy mountain peaks to the depths of the Aegean Sea, players can explore an entire country full of untamed environments and cities during the Golden Age of Greece. From ancient rituals to famed statues, they will come face-to-face with legendary Greek figures and discover the truth behind the myths and legends.

Micro Puzzles


Our 150 piece, mini puzzles offer you more than a little fun!  Packed in test tubes – these colorful, 4″x6″ jigsaw puzzles can be completed in a single, 1-2 hour sitting.  Challenging but not overwhelming!  Pick from over 20 designs – or custom create your own!  In stock, ready to ship and made in the USA.

Unsolved Case Files

SOLVE 3 MYSTERIES TO CRACK THE CASE – In order to solve this cold case murder mystery game you’ll need to find 3 separate clues that crack open the case. First prove why the convicted woman must be innocent. Then disprove a key suspect’s alibi and finally identify the clue that will close this case for good. With 3 different mysteries to solve in order to play the game, this case will challenge your investigative abilities.


The fast-stacking, nerve-racking, block-building game! Quick, grab a BUILDZI block and start building. Be the first to build your tower, but — careful — don’t let it tumble. 32 BUILDZI blocks, 32 tower cards, 32 block cards and lots of ways to play!


Winsults is the unfiltered version of you. The objective is to insult, or roast each other using your knowledge and imagination. The Winsults card deck provides the structure. You decide how far you’re willing to go as you say what you really mean.

You can play the game one-on-one or with multiple players. It’s not just about throwing around your wittiest insults, there are scoring and timekeeping aspects involved as well. The house rules, however, are entirely up to you


Dropsy is the fumbling bumbling balancing card game!

Players take turns drawing cards until someone gets THREE of the same color. But there’s a twist…instead of discarding the cards you don’t want, you must hold ALL your cards, and you must hold them in the manner directed on the card! UNDER YOUR CHIN; ON YOUR HAND; ON YOUR HEAD; UNDER YOUR ARM; INSIDE YOUR ELBOW; or BETWEEN YOUR FINGERS.

Get Outside Club

The mission of Get Outside Club is to… well… get kids outside more often. Outside time has many positive impacts on kids but many kids are spending less time outside and more time on devices indoors. It is hard to compete with the interactivity of modern digital games and social media so we have designed fun and interactive games and activities that can be played outside in your yard or at a park. We offer a variety of adventures that are designed to create an adventure that is both fun and challenging.