Don’t Put THESE FIVE THINGS Down Your Drain!

When you have cooked your dinner, enjoyed a delicious meal and dump the plates in the sink, what do you do with your food? Some people toss the scraps in and let the garbage disposal do the magic, and others scrape into the bin, instead. When you painted your kitchen, what did you do with the dirty brushes? Some people use white spirit and power wash them in the garden and other people dump the paint down the sink. Those who are dumping things down the sink and the bath need to take a look at the way that they’re treating the drains in their homes, and they need to give it another look and change what they’re doing. 


Abusing the plumbing in your home is what ends up happening when you don’t respect what is being rinsed away. You need to remember that this is your home and if you’re not careful, you’ll be paying out for a blocked drain specialist to come and ensure your house is in one piece. You need to know that your plumbing system is working well and while you can’t see it, you can do everything to ensure that it’s protected from clogs and corrosion. Vigilance is key, here! And here are some of the things that you shouldn’t be putting down the drain in your house.

Water flows from the tap to sink

Image Source: Pexels

  1. Kitty litter. Yes, the packaging calls it flushable, but it’s actually not the case. Cat litter is not designed for toilets and the bacteria in the feces you’ve just flushed is going to get into other water supplies, which will be a threat to animals the world over. Flushable cat litter can clog drains, and you want to avoid this if you want to make sure that your toilet pipes are intact.
  2. Coffee grounds. You should be putting these into the bin and not down the drain. The coffee grounds are something that stick around and can be one of the main sources of clogged kitchen pipes. You need to be able to bin your coffee grounds so that you can feel good knowing you have looked after the environment properly.
  3. Eggshells. Believe it or not, people do stuff down the drain! You should avoid doing this, even with a garbage disposal. They can clog the pipes and it’s better to use these in compost or put them in the trash where they belong.
  4. Grease. One of the best hacks you will ever know is that you can line your sink drain with aluminum foil, and then pour the grease into it. You can then close up the foil carefully and dispose of it in the trash, saving your pipes from a grease trap!
  5. Stickers. You know the little stickers that supermarkets put on your produce? These belong in the trash. They can get caught in the wastewater treatment pipes and filters, which will cause issues with equipment that was once designed to treat the water! Take them off and put them in the bin before you wash your produce.

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