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Growing up while spending time with my grandparents, my grandma started teaching me not just the classic version of solitaire but also a few other versions. I absolutely loved learning how to play the different card games, and I am sure that Grandma loved not having to hear my ask one million questions an hour while playing each version she had taught me. Through the years, I have always enjoyed playing solitaire. When you have free time, challenging yourself to a card came is a great way to pass time and keep your brain going.

Finding I was so excited to see that I could play not only the classic version of solitaire, but also many other versions as well as a few other style games. I dove right in and ended up playing quite a few games of the classic version. I couldn’t just lose because I was using the computer to play. Which made me want to continue on with playing. It may have taken a few rounds, but I definitely won. The best part, playing on the computer versus playing with traditional cards keeps you very honest.

Another game that I had forgotten how to even set up since my childhood was pyramid solitaire. I remember learning how to play this as a child, and hadn’t played in years. I am happy to report, I was able to win this game after my second attempt! It is so great being able to find and rediscover these great games. And happy that I at least am able to still win a game or two.

If you are looking for more of a challenge, playing doubles maybe right up your alley. Though, just like when we were kids and playing against the computer, the computer is very smart! I wasn’t able to win each of the times that I tried playing this doubles version of Klondike. Though, I am confident I will get it one of these days.

I also tried my hand at Mahjong. And though I was a little rusty, I did make it through the game with success. This was a game that for the longest time I could not figure out. I do love that has directions for each game right along the bottom, so if you are stuck or do want to learn a new game the directions and rules are right there for you.

If solitaire is not your game, not to worry. also offers great match three games, word searches, crosswords, and even sudoku. I love the hidden object game selection as well. There is a game for everyone right here. This is the perfect way to pass the time. Whether it is ten minutes, or an hour. There is always something fun and new to discover.

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