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Even though the kids have finally headed back to school, I still hear the, “Mom, I’m bored!” Especially with the change in weather. So I have been racking my brain to find a few different things for them to do to help them stay away from being bored, and have a little fun in the process. These very fun, traditional board games are so much fun to play by yourself, or against each other. My kids and I have so much fun on our down time. Another great use for these classic games would be to help with the elderly in their down time. I have watched some of my elderly neighbors also enjoy some of these games when they have time to, “twiddle their thumbs.”

As I personally went to explore the board games section, I found so many fun games from my childhood. The first game I found to play was Battleship. This version of Battleship is so much fun! I spent much longer than I should of playing this game against the computer. It is so much fun. This also was the first game I finally was able to beat the computer on. The animation added into Battleship just makes it so much more fun. When my boys came home from school, I showed them this version of Battleship, and they both spent some time playing and laughing as the animations came across the screen of the hits.

Another classic game, that I even got to teach my boys about was Guess Who? This classic is so much fun to play. There are prewritten questions that you can scroll through to ask your opponent. Each round doesn’t last more than about five minutes roughly. Which makes it a perfect game to cure some before dinner boredom when you are trying to cook, and your kids are waiting. My boys were both on their tablets playing Guess Who? against computers, but laughing and seeing who could win first. The giggles that filled my kitchen filled my heart with joy.


Now when it comes to Chutes and Ladders, I love the game! I love that you can play together with others, or against the computer. I chose to play against the computer to test out my skills. And I LOST! I thought I was so to winning. Like two spaces away and a silly snake got my back all the way to the beginning. I definitely had to play another round, or maybe three until I actually won the game.  My boys came home from school and I showed them this great classic. They ended up spending time playing against each other.

If you are looking for something to do on a rainy day or when the kids are giving you the, “I’m bored!” phrase they love to say, tell them to check out the awesome games on There is something for everyone!



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