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Click a Tree  was so kind and planted a tree in Ghana for me. Chris is the founder and CEO and started Click A Tree after his personal experience, I will share his story below.

In the early 20th century, roughly 80% of Thailand were covered with forest. With increasing population and a booming tourism industry, a lot of these forests were cut down to expand infrastructure and build tourism facilities. After the turn of the millennium, only 22% of Thailand were left covered in forest – and international tourist arrival numbers higher than ever.

The decreasing forest areas meant a progressive loss of habitat for Thailand’s animal species, including marvelous but partly critically endangered species such as Asian Elephants, Malayan Tapirs, Sumatran Tigers or Malayan Sun Bears.

Less natural habitat lead animals to forage for food near human settlements, increasing the human-animal conflict, often ending in innocent blood being shed.

However, blaming the local farmers for protecting their crops would be unfair, since all they intended was providing a livelihood for their families.

The answer occurred to Chris during winter contract negotiations with overseas tour operators: As Thai hotels paid local Destination Management Companies who paid overseas wholesalers who paid local retailers who paid their staff sales commissions to encourage overseas travelers to visit Thailand, why not slice a piece off that pie to plant trees?

If negotiated right, revenue would suffice not just for land and seedlings, but to also fairly remunerate local communities for helping with planting.

That way trees would be planted, and resident farmers established a second source of income, thus decreasing the need to further increase their farmland by cutting into forest areas. Vicious circle solved!

This is the first time I have ever done a review on a product that I don’t have directly in front of me. I am so glad that Click A Tree is my first. I absolutely love what they stand for, and the jobs it creates! Not only do they create loads of jobs, but all employees receive a fair full time income. Once these trees grow, they become habitats for animals. How cool is that?

When signing up to plant a tree, you get to pick between planting for sea, Tuskers, or entrepreneurs. The money from Sea goes to help rid the oceans of plastic. The money from Tuskers helps plant trees which then become habitats and a food source for elephants. Lastly, the entrepreneurs, the money supports the local entrepreneurship school. Unemployed young people learn here how to build and run their own businesses to create a better life for themselves as well as for their families and communities.

Please, please, please, go and check out Click A Tree and plant one for yourself or a loved one!


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