CBD Gift Guide 2021

CBD Sample Hub

Register for free wellness products (shipped free) from Sample Hub. With everyday stressors up, this offer provides a great way to keep our calm on. We like knowing that trusted wellness brands are behind these products aimed at reducing stress and promoting better sleep.

Ageless Diet Hack 356

Diet Hack 356 is the perfect drink for anyone wanting to support Intermittent fasting to lose weight.

  • Support your body while fasting with CBD | Minerals | Electrolytes | Fat Burners
  • BioHack your body with targeted nutritional support to combat insulin resistance and promote weight loss.
  • Strawberry/Coconut Flavor Tastes Great & Mixes Easily
  • 30 Servings • Zero Calories

Just CBD Pets

Want to buy CBD oil for dogs? Offering a bounty of benefits CBD oil for dogs has been highly sought after by pet owners. The tricky thing is it isn’t always easy to administer CBD oil to pets. But our yummy CBD pet treats make it easy to supplement your pooch.

If your pooch is getting older in age our dog CBD oil treats will help turn back the clock.

Immunoral CVK-365 Oral Spray

  • #1: Immunoral Can Help You Protect Your Body Against COVID-19 By Supporting Your Natural Immune System
  •  #2: Immunoral is Easy-To-Use And Take
  •  #3: Immunoral Gives You Peace Of Mind, Protection, and Reassurance that You are Doing What is Possible to Defend Against COVID-19
  •  #4:  Immunoral Can Keep Your Body Stronger And Healthier to Defend against COVID-19
  •  #5: Immunoral Effortlessly Helps Support Your Bodies Ability To Fight Off , Viruses Like COVID-19

Cannafyl- Relief CBD Salve

Cannafyl™ Full Spectrum CBD Relief Salve – 500mg & 1000mg is a revolutionary CBD topical formulated to help relieve intense pain from arthritis, inflammation, joint pain, neuropathy, psoriasis and much more! Whether it be on-the-go relief from everyday aches and pains, or recovery from injury – Cannafyl™ CBD Relief Salve provides the care to help you live life enthusiastically! Comes in 2 oz and 1 oz.

Ageless Labs- Hemp Bath Bombs

Handcrafted bath bombs with body absorbable full spectrum water soluble hemp. Infused with essential oil blends that provide you a relaxing and healing bath experience.


Our RECOVER tincture supports natural energy and immunity with a host of antioxidants and pure CBD to keep you at your best, all day long. Green tea contains antioxidants and polyphenols to support whole-body wellness and a healthy immune system.

Echinacea root assists the body in the production of white blood cells, keeping your brain + body balanced and strong. 


Total wellness starts with understanding what your body needs; A calm mind amidst daily stress, restful sleep that leaves your refreshed and optimal relief to keep you moving forward. Receptra’s Total Wellness Hemp Set has everything you are looking for.


This set features three tinctures to promote naturally better rest, relaxation and relief from life’s daily battles.

Healthy Roots

“A state of perfect happiness.” A great way to describe our Nirvana soap. With an amazing scent, this soap will have you mesmerized the moment you pick it up and even more so the first time you use it. Lather up in bubbles while feeling relaxed. Wash your aches away, smell great and get clean in the process. 100 mg of CBD per bar of soap. Pursue your Perfect Happiness!

Almost Virgin

Our Mouth Spray infused with CBD Oil will give you a fresh and delightful breath. It contributes to the prevention of bad breath and instantly gives a fresh sensation.  It has antibacterial power, release tension and give you a refreshing taste, for you to enjoy a fresh breath or a fresh kiss

Our SX Oil is a unique blend of organic botanicals aimed to enhance sexual wellness. A product designed to promote sexual arousal and help people enjoy the most of their sexual experience.

Receptra- Serious Rest Hemp Gummy For Sleep

Receptra Serious Rest vegan-friendly gummies for sleep are formulated to optimize the rest you receive tonight, so you can seize the day, tomorrow. If bedtime wasn’t already your favorite time of the day, it will be now with these Mountain Strawberry flavored gummies for sleep.

Calm By Wellness

Our new batch of Sleep Oil Tincture is a new and improved version. We took all the feedback from our existing customers and adjusted the CBD strength AND added something relatively new (but not new to the cannabis plant) called CBN. It has a much stronger sedative effect and from our 6 months of internal R&D, we’ve had really positive feedback. The new Sleep Oil Tincture will have 1000mg CBD per bottle (previously only 500mg CBD per bottle) and 90mg CBN per bottle. We can’t wait for you to try it out!

Palm Organix CBD Energy Drinks

Each CBD infused drink packs contains 12.5 mg of water-soluble CBD powder, that can be added directly to your water bottle. Our CBD drinks are Zero-calorie, THC Free, contain 75mg of caffeine and have natural berry flavors. CBD drinks are perfect for an energy boost before exercise or to increase focus throughout the day. Add our CBD drink mix to seltzer for a sparkling CBD refresher. Each CBD Energy Drink box contains 5 packets.

Elevated Wellness

Find relief from pain and soreness with our Full Spectrum CBD Pain Cream. This topical cream is formulated to support calming effects in your muscles and joints quickly after application. It’s available in a full spectrum formulation, so you get the whole plant entourage effect for increased relief.

Yesterday Wellness

Broad spectrum CBD oil contains cannabidiol as well as over 100 other compounds found within the remarkable hemp plant. And no THC — unlike full spectrum CBD.

All those incredible compounds work together synergistically to greatly enhance the potential health benefits of the hemp plant; also known as the Entourage Effect. Discover a new self-care routine with Yesterday’s broad spectrum CBD products.

Mellow Mammals

Mellow Mammals CBD oils and CBD treats will help your dog live the best life possible.  Cannabidiol (CBD) has been shown to reduce pain and inflammation, help calm, help with appetite, help with stomach issues, help quiet aggression and a whole host of other benefits!  

Finding things to help keep my 15 year old corgi as spunky as always can be hard. These treats from Mellow Mammals are treats that she loves. Even though she is super picky! And they help so much with her movement. She went from acting like a very old lady, to running around with our puppy. Even putting him in his place again. My Saint Bermastiff has gone from being very anxious barking at any little movement outside. He now has become more relaxed and easy going. 

Radix Remedies

Radix Remedies has all your CBD needs in one spot. If you are looking to get better sleep at night, their sleep bear gummies have the perfect combination of CBD and melatonin that will help you fall asleep quickly. 

Another great product to help you focus during the day is the Radix NeuroRoot. 

NeuroRoot is a first of its kind tincture designed for PEAK you!

Our Nootropic Tincture is a unique blend of ingredients that can help improve your mood, cognitive functioning, and feelings of well being. This is an amazing non-stimulant brain support supplement intended for everyday use. If you are new to nootropics or looking to add mood uplifting benefits and clarity to your CBD regimen, this nootropic is for you!

WINK Soy Candle

WINK’s CBD Aromatherapy candles are made with all-natural ingredients and are infused with full spectrum hemp oil that provide you with a relaxing experience. 
Made with an organic coconut soy wax + grapefruit extract you will unwind, relax & calm the mind + body. * May be used as a moisturizer when melted and cooled. Voted best hemp infused candle.


If you are looking for a reliable one stop CBD shop, MyRemede has all of your needs, from great smelling soaps, face serums to tinctures in great flavor and doses. 

To meet these challenges, we approach the cultivation, extraction, and formulation of industry-leading Full Spectrum Hemp products with a comprehensive mastery of cutting-edge technology and biochemistry. We control every step of the process so we know we’re putting all of the things we want in our bodies, and none of the things we don’t.

C.B. Dough

Take self-care to the next level this holiday and relax with the perfect cookie for every mood. For a limited time, C.B. Dough is offering a 6 jar holiday variety pack for $99– including shipping! Each package contains 2 jars of each of our flavors, The O.G., The Vegan, and the Reverse. This is a great package for the holidays with plenty of cookies to share, or the perfect gift to the most important person in your life– YOU. 


Contains 36 cookies or 540mg of CBD.


What you get: 

-12 O.G. cookies (original chocolate chip)

-12 Vegan cookies (oats, chocolate chips and almond paste) 

-12 Reverse cookies (chocolate cookie base with white chocolate chips)

-Each cookie contains 15mg of CBD, 90mg per jar, 540mg per pack. 

CBD Vermont Organic Science 

Our CBD gummies are infused with full spectrum organic CBD and are a delicious and convenient way to have your CBD. At 15 mg per gummy, it’s the perfect dose anytime. We recommend taking a couple CBD gummies before bed for a good night’s sleep.

Whether you need gummies, lip balm or salve cbdVOS has all of your needs. They have everything from tinctures to gummies, to topicals all tested to perfection. 


Sagely Naturals CBD

Our Brightening skincare collection was made with glowing skin in mind. We leveraged the power of CBD and nutrient-dense co-ingredients to hydrate and brighten your skin, anytime day or night to give you that 8-hours rested, healthy glow.

Cativa CBD

Plus CBD Infused Hibiscus Tea is a unique blend of hibiscus blossoms, with hints of fruit such as apple, papaya, and elderberries. This natural infusion brings a refreshing taste with the benefits of full spectrum CBD. It is freshly brewed and infused with nitrogen to preserve natural flavors. Artisan loose tea blended by Bettina’s Tea.

20mg CBD per can.

Ology Essentials- Intimate Oil

Elevate the mood with our Full Spectrum Hemp CBD lubricant. Contains 150 mg of CBD and Strawberry Banana terpenes – derived from Cannabis sativa – for that extra little flavor…if you know what we mean.