Sentinel Mouthguards’ Custom mouth guard – your best defense against dental injuries.

Sentinel Mouthguards’ Custom mouth guard – your best defense against dental injuries. People who grind their teeth are at risk of giving themselves a number of dental pains, as well as developing weaker teeth. That’s why you’ll never go wrong using a custom mouth guard. However, you probably don’t have time for multiple dentist appointmentsRead more

SunRype Back to School Sweepstakes ~ Kids In Need Foundation Support

With life being a bit different for school aged children (and their parents) this year, Sunrype is committed to making snack time convenient, delicious, and health. There are plenty of flavors of fruit to check out at Sunrype’s website. All of Sunrype’s delicious snacks are made from real fruit puree. They are also non-perishable forRead more

Finding The Perfect Invites For Your Next Birthday Bash

Planning a birthday party can be so stressful. Making sure every single detail is perfect of your loved ones big day really adds pressure. Basic Invite is there to take the pressure off you a bit by helping you find the perfect invites for any loved ones special day. Customizing your perfect party invitation isRead more

Finding The Perfect Gift For Him This Year

Finding the men in your life the perfect gift can be so hard. No matter what the gift is for: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Birthday, or even just because men can be so hard to buy for. Whether it is your dad, grandfather, husband, or son. I have found some really fantastic gifts that willRead more


After having kids, I could no longer use tampons while on my menstrual cycle. Switching back to pads after many years of not using them have been so terribly uncomfortable. Disposable pads are not only awful for our environment, they are also so bulky feeling. And they always seem to rub my skin in theRead more