Psi Bands

Almost all of us at one point in our lives have experienced nausea and/or motion sickness. This feeling can happen for a number of different reasons from carsickness, to morning sickness in pregnancy, to chemotherapy, and countless others. Psi Bands ended up being a life saver for me for nausea as a side effect fromRead more

Urban21 Commuter Backpack

The Urban21 Commuter Backpack made by Keysmart has so many cool and unique features! As the name states, this bag is great for commuting. Trains, planes, buses, whatever it may be, this bag is great for commuting! The color of this bag is a neutral gray that makes it professional for commuting to and fromRead more

The Back Thing Back Support

The Back Thing is such a lightweight and easy to travel with device that makes a huge difference when it comes to back support and posture. The Back Thing works by eliminating the gap between our backs and the chair that allows us to slump and sag. Keeping the back aligned is good for postureRead more

AqueDuck Faucet Extender

AqueDuck is an absolute must have for the kiddos in your life! Often times, our bathrooms are built for adults. For the first few years, we are used to helping our kids get to the sink to wash their hands or giving them their baths but what about when they get a little older andRead more

Eddy + Kids Stainless Steel Bottles

Camelbak is a well known company for their wonderful spill proof drinking bottles and hiking packs but these Eddy + Kids bottles are brand new and I am obsessed! These bottles are recommended for ages three and up and definitely give little ones that “big kid” look that they love because they look just likeRead more

Camelbak Women’s Shasta 30 Hydration Pack

The Camelbak Women’s Shasta 30 100oz Hydration Pack is truly the perfect backpack for camping and hiking! The bag is so versatile and can accommodate all of your adventure needs! As part of the Camelbak family, this bag comes equipped with a 3 liter water pack that is completely removable for cleaning purposes. The bagRead more

The Pakt One

Currently, many of us are confined to our homes doing our part to help to stop the spread of COVID-19. We are doing everything we can to keep ourselves busy. We are crafting, cleaning, home improving, and dreaming of the days when we were able to travel. If you are anything like me, you areRead more

Selah Blue & Tan Tarpa Wash Bag

The TrendHim website has a ton of nice quality and fashionable items for him and her. Their website has everything from jewelry, to travel bags, to beard care products and they are all amazing! Today, I am reviewing the Selah Blue & Tan Tarpa Wash Bag. This is the perfect travel bag for all ofRead more

Pocket Chainsaw & Mini Multi Tool

Does anyone out there have someone in their lives that is hard to shop for? I know that I sure do! Here are two cool gift ideas for that person or the outdoor enthusiast in your life! The Pocket Chainsaw is a great and compact gift! This device is a 3 foot piece of realRead more

Beau & Belle Littles

Beau & Belle Littles is an amazing family owned company that makes swim diapers for babies and kids! These aren’t just any regular swim diaper though. Beau & Belle Littles swim diapers are reusable, affordable, and most importantly, they grow with your kids! There is no denying that the prints and designs that you willRead more