Struggling To Find The Right Gift? Here Are Some Solutions

Are you struggling to find the right gift for someone? Perhaps you are finding it difficult because you don’t know much about them or maybe you have failed to get something that they wanted in the past? Regardless of your reason, there are some simple options worth exploring to escape this dilemma. Pexels CCO LicenseRead more

5 Lovely Gift Ideas for Someone Born in Autumn

Everyone has that one friend who was born in autumn and for whom it is quite a rollercoaster to go birthday shopping. These people usually say that they’ve already got everything they need and that your presence at their birthday party is the best gift they could receive. However, it is still impossible to comeRead more

Keep Up The Holiday Cheer With Two Rivers Coffee Plus Giveaway!

The holidays can seem to really drain you. Not only is your wallet getting drained, your emotional, mental health can easily be drained with the stresses that come from the holidays. For me, it is mustering up enough energy to get the gifts wrapped on time, without my kids seeing anything that I am doing.Read more

The Origin Of Giving Gifts

Giving gifts is a tradition that spans across cultures, generations, and people all over the world. There are many different occasions in which gift-giving takes place, including religious ceremonies, holidays, birthdays, weddings, graduations—just to name a few. Gift-giving has evolved throughout history to where it is today in modern culture, but its roots will alwaysRead more

Keep Memories Forever With Liquid Gold Creations

Before I jump into the review about the gorgeous ring, I need to talk about the face behind Liquid Gold Creations. Autumn! Autumn is one of the sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her job is to make jewelry for people who often times have experienced loss. She hears soRead more

Keep Your Feet Warm Dry And Comfortable With RockRooster Boots

Finding comfortable work boots can be so hard for my husband. After suffering a leg injury a few years back, my husband has a problem wearing anything that will touch his ankle area because of his injury. So every year we seem to be looking for a pair of boots that will keep his feetRead more

A Gift For Someone Who Already Has Everything: Tropical Fruit Box

Every year when the holidays come around, I start getting anxious about the people I need to buy gifts for in my family and friends that already have everything they want, everything they need. It makes it so hard. This year I have been on a quest to find those gifts that you can giveRead more