How To Maintain Your Commercial Kitchen

If you are new to having a commercial kitchen, and it has been a labor of love to get your dream off the ground – you might still be tackling some of the everyday issues. Commercial kitchens are busy, they get messy – and they can be filled with hazards.    Part of your jobRead more

7 Muscle Building Foods for Lean Muscle

When you’re looking to build muscle, it’s crucial to eat the right foods. This might seem obvious, but there are so many ‘right’ foods for gaining muscle—it can be difficult to tell which foods will help you build muscle and avoid unwanted fat.    In this post, we’ll look at SEVEN muscle-building foods that contain essentialRead more

Tips for Beginners to Start Eating Healthy

It is easier to change a man’s religion than change his diet. – Margaret Mead    Today, most people are habitual of eating processed food and having carbonated beverages. They eat unhealthy meals because they can not make time to prepare meals at home. Many people in America feel that it is harder to figureRead more

Tips For Hosting A Great Winter Party At Home

Should you enjoy hosting and want to throw a party during the festive season, it is great to know some tips to maximize the success and enjoyment of your party. If you are looking for some advice on how to host a great winter party at home, follow this guide. Image by Laura Åkerblom fromRead more

A Gift For Someone Who Already Has Everything: Tropical Fruit Box

Every year when the holidays come around, I start getting anxious about the people I need to buy gifts for in my family and friends that already have everything they want, everything they need. It makes it so hard. This year I have been on a quest to find those gifts that you can giveRead more

Caveman Foods

My husband and I recently made some pretty big diet changes. Snacking was the hardest thing for me to change. Caveman Foods made this transition so much easier! They sent me over grain free brownie crunch, nutrition bars, mini nutrition bars, and meat snacks. Each pouch is 16g of protein, 8g of carbs, and onlyRead more

Barnana’s Plantain Chips

Chips are a staple in our house. I always joke with my husband that if I didn’t make him eat other things, he would survive on chips and dips alone. Of course I want him to have what he wants but I am also interested in finding healthier alternatives to the staples in our house.Read more

America’s Test Kitchen Master of the Grill

Whether you are a fan of the tv show or their countless online resources, there is no denying that America’s Test Kitchen knows a thing or two about making delicious food and the science behind it. With so many of our summer plans either getting canceled or modified due to COVID-19, I know that aRead more

Shrewd Food

I’ve written about doing the Keto diet before. Keto has so many health benefits and I really love how I feel while I am on it but it can be so difficult! For this reason, I love when I can find products that make it easier. When I am doing Keto, I eat a lotRead more

Ketonia Keto Macaroons

Let me start by saying that Keto is tough! I was personally recommended the Keto diet by my doctor. He told me that it would help with inflammation and improve some of my ailments. I definitely agree with him! I have felt so much better since starting Keto but it is definitely not easy. KetoniaRead more