Customized Girl

Customized Girl is a very cool and interactive website that allows you to completely design clothing and other fabric pieces! The website offers as little or as much assistance as you need to get your pieces just how you want them. If you have a plan completely formed in your head, you have the optionRead more

Baby Riddle Bamboo Stroller Blanket and Footie With Zipper

Have you ever tried bamboo clothing for yourself or your kids? If you have not, you are definitely missing out! Bamboo viscose makes for the softest and most gentle fabric I have ever tried. The Baby Riddle website has a huge variety of KicKee Pants items that are made of bamboo viscose and you needRead more


Claymonics – Words Transformed Into Sacred Geometry Geometric Name Patterns are words transformed into geometric pattern images. Claymonics has a handful of patterns that are all geometric name patterns! The different patterns represent words like Love, Heal, Christ and more. This is a super cool story behind the patterns in my opinion. Claymonics prints theseRead more

MO Briefs

MO stands for Men Only. This company makes very high quality and comfortable underwear for men that are marketed as ‘Pee Proof, Leak Proof, and Fool Proof’! I have worked with one of their other companies, Modibodi, on their period panties and was absolutely blown away so I was excited to check out their mensRead more


I am an absolute sucker for a product that can be setup on auto ship and take something off of my plate. Dropps has been an absolute game changer for my laundry and dish routine! They make so many different types of laundry and dishwasher pods that I guarantee you will find the perfect fitRead more

Playtex Maternity Leggings

Anyone that knows me knows that I love to wear leggings. I will wear them as often and wherever I possibly can. I have tons of different brands and colors but black is my go to. I recently tried these Playtex Maternity Leggings and I am in love! Playtex is a brand that we allRead more

Beau & Belle Littles

Beau & Belle Littles is an amazing family owned company that makes swim diapers for babies and kids! These aren’t just any regular swim diaper though. Beau & Belle Littles swim diapers are reusable, affordable, and most importantly, they grow with your kids! There is no denying that the prints and designs that you willRead more


BackEmbrace is a wearable piece to improve back alignment and posture. I am always a little skeptical about things like this because it seems that so many people live their lives with constant or at least frequent back pain. If it was a simple fix, why wouldn’t we have fixed it by now? That isRead more

Modibodi Period & Maternity Underwear

I have been making a conscious effort lately to change up a lot of my daily routines to be more eco friendly. Period products that are better for the environment are one of my new routines that I am incredibly passionate about! Modibodi is an Australian based company that makes a wide variety of period,Read more