How does me-time help you be a mindful mother?

Welcoming a baby to the world brings about a significant change in your life. Women tend to believe they must balance motherhood, family relations, work, domestic chores, etc. It gets overwhelming to manage everything alone. Moms rarely consider engaging in me-time because attending to their personal needs makes them feel guilty. Ignoring your needs leadsRead more

Awareness Facts About Birth Injuries

Image Source Birth Injuries and Malpractices  Birth injuries are physical injuries sustained during childbirth to either mother or the child due to the doctor or nurse’s negligence. The injury sustained by the baby can include a broken bone or a bruise. Injury to the baby during childbirth is called neonatal birth trauma.   In the US,Read more

3 Things You Need to Consider for Creating the Perfect Nursery

Image credit  Creating a nursery for your baby is one of the most exciting things about parenthood. Right after picking the perfect home for your little ones, you’re now given the opportunity to make a cute bedroom for them. While it can be very exciting and even fun to do, it’s also important to understandRead more

Simple Steps To Not Becoming ‘That’ Mom At The School Gates

School pick up is stressful for a whole load of reasons, but most commonly, we as parents fear inadvertently becoming ‘that’ mom that ruins our children’s school reputations. You know the mom we’re talking about, of course – she’s in everyone’s business, she’s a little too much with the PDA, and her kids look likeRead more