A Beginner’s Guide to Hitting the Ground Running and Achieving Your Goals

Looking at getting into running but not sure where to start? There are countless reasons why you might want to start running; to get fitter, to lose weight, to train for a marathon, or simply as a challenge you’ve always wanted to check off your bucket list. If you’ve got no prior experience in runningRead more

How To Reset Your Nervous System

Unsplash – CC0 License   Modern life is a bit weird. And not just because we have technology that would seem miraculous to our ancestors. It’s also weird to our primitive brain. Society today is an entirely different experience from hunter-gatherer groups that dominated our species thousands of years ago. Unfortunately, while living in aRead more

4 Tips for Learning How to Feel Happier Each Day

Getting through each day with a smile can be difficult, especially when dealing with stress. It may be impossible to feel happy every day, but it’s important to know that your mood will depend on you. Each day, when you wake up, you are the one who gets to decide how you want to feelRead more

Simple Tips to Boost Your Confidence

If you suffer from a lack of confidence, then you understand how disabling it can be. It can prevent you from doing so many things. It can hamper your career choices, and even stop you from developing relationships both friendships and romantic. The thing is, it does matter who you are; you can be moreRead more

How to Improve Your Mental Health Without Using Medication

Photo from Pexels   Mental health comes in many shapes and sizes. It comes as no surprise that the world we live in today can leave us feeling stressed and anxious, but what you might not know is that there are multiple ways to improve your mental well-being without needing to take medication or seeRead more


Image Source    Answer this. When was the last time you prioritized self-care in your daily routine? Probably a long time ago, or maybe never.   In today’s age, most of us are busy leading a busy life. We are so immersed in caring for others that we often overlook ourselves. And while caring, empathy, andRead more