How To Help Your Toddler Feel Confident Visiting The Dentist

Is your toddler due for a trip to the dentist? It’s natural for your little one to feel a little bit vulnerable. Even as parents, we sometimes feel a bit nervous going to the dentist ourselves, let alone taking our child. This article will help make your toddler confident about their dentist trip. Pexels-CC0 LicenseRead more

Birthday Celebrations: 4 Fun Birthday Options

Image credit Your child’s birthday is an event to celebrate, regardless of their age. Be it their first birthday, 5th birthday, or 18th, celebrating this special day with them can provide you with many memories to treasure for years to come. But is there an ideal way to celebrate birthdays? Far from a “keeping upRead more

6 Tips To Help Establish A Better Bedtime Routine

Many parents say their kids still have trouble going to sleep at night despite their best efforts. Kids’ sleeping habits and attitudes change as they grow up. Their perception of sleep may change, which can cause them to resist going to bed. This can be extremely frustrating. Photo by Allen Taylor on Unsplash   ThereRead more

Signs Your Child May Have Hearing Loss

Most families are aware that when they have a newborn baby, that baby’s hearing is tested at birth, and then again during their first year of life. Hearing tests on infants are not painful, but they can help to determine whether or not there is an issue with hearing before it could become a problemRead more