Breast Reduction Surgery: Common Questions Answered By Experts

There are numerous reasons why one may choose to get breast reduction surgery. It could be due to medical reasons such as severe neck and back pain or simply to enhance the physical appearance. The surgery helps remove the excess body fat, skin, and tissues from the breasts.  


In fact, men with medical conditions such as gynecomastia (male breasts are abnormally large) can also opt for the reduction surgery. Nevertheless, before opting for any surgery, it is crucial to consult a reputed doctor in the said field and get answers to the necessary questions.  


To save you from the hassle, we’ve already consulted the reputed doctors and collected the answers to frequently asked questions. Continue reading to know! 


Is The Surgery Risky? 

Although the majority of the surgeries carry a certain degree of complication or risk, it generally depends on the patient’s health. Breast reduction surgery is often safe, offering you acceptable results.  


Nevertheless, patients may have a lollipop-shaped scar around the nipple and line below the breast. These are pretty common and fade away over the span of a few years.  


Is It Painful? 

The surgery involves the removal of fat and skin tightening with small incisions around the nipple areas. “Typically, general anesthesia is given to us,” states the patients who opted for breast reduction by Dr. Hazen. They further explain that the doctor provides the aftercare instructions in detail to ensure a faster recovery and ease the pain, discomfort, and swelling. After proper healing, patients can enjoy a comfortable and confident lifestyle.  


How To Select The Best Surgeon? 

Selecting the right surgeon for your procedure is very critical. They can help enhance the shape and size of your breasts. So, it would be best if you asked the following questions to them: 


  • What are the credentials of your surgeons? 
  • What are the locations you are operating in? 
  • Am I the right candidate for the surgery? 
  • What surgical technique do you use? 
  • What are the potential risks involved? 
  • Will my insurance cover the cost of surgery?  


Answers to these questions will help you learn more about the surgeon and their techniques. Eventually, you’ll select the best doctor for you.  


Is Breast Reduction Related To Breast Cancer? 

Breast reduction surgery increases the chances of developing breast cancer- It is a common myth revolving around the surgery. However, there is no proof. Understand that breast cancer risk varies from person to person. Getting a reduction surgery does not cause cancer nor lower the risk of developing one.  


If you have any doubt about the same, it would be best to get a check-up before you get the surgery. The healthcare providers can also help you get better knowledge about breast cancer.  


Are You A Good Candidate For The Surgery? 

If you feel that your breasts are quite large, leading to pain and discomfort, you can get a reduction surgery. Apart from this, an ideal candidate must not smoke as it can affect the surgery.  


Wrapping It All Up 

These are some common questions that you must get answers to before getting your surgery. It will help clear any doubts you may have in mind and set your expectations from the procedures. Obviously, if you have any other questions in mind, feel free to ask your doctor.  


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