BloodxSweatxTears Vodka Is Perfect After A Long Hard Day



I like to have a drink every once in a while. And my drink of choice always has vodka in it. I am so particular with my drinks though, I can’t have a gross tasting vodka. I know, I know, people claim vodka is flavorless and all that. It’s not true. BloodxSweatxTears Vodka knew that, and came out with a fantastic mild tasting vodka that pairs perfect with everything.


We had friends over this past weekend, and I decided I would join everyone in having a drink. I brought out this BloodxSweatxTears Vodka, every one over was in awe with how cool the bottle looks. Which I must agree, the bottle is beautiful. I first made a vodka and squirt, just to simply be able to taste the vodka without drinking it straight. I thought it was great. Even though I put three shots in my drink, I couldn’t taste it at all. I let my friends who are better at drinking liquor than I am try it straight. Everyone who tried it said that it was really smooth, and didn’t have that typical “burn” feeling like most vodka’s they drink. 


My husband and I ended up making bloody mary’s  together. They were delicious! 

What I love about BloodxSweatxTears is that it is a hand crafted vodka. All ingredients are from the Pacific Northwest. They have received a medal at the San Diego Spirits Festival. My absolute favorite part about them, They partner with Best Friends. They are creating no kill animal shelters at an unprecedented rate. 

If you would like to learn more, please check out their website

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