Bandai America Introduces: World Of Zombies!

Bandai America has a great new playsets for all ages: World Of Zombies. World Of Zombies also has a great Youtube channel. Please check out their press release below:



These fun zombies will get in all types of crazy situations as they compete in the World Zombie Games! 

El Segundo, Calif – (October 1, 2020) – Bandai America is thrilled to welcome you to the World of Zombies! Unlike your typical zombies with an urge to eat brains, these fun loving zombies have very unique personalities, with an insatiable appetite for life, getting themselves into all types of crazy situations.

They reside on a different planet, but just like us humans, they have unique jobs, their own ambitions, and pride in representing their country in chaotic sports at the World Zombie Games. 

They may be a little gross and lose their heads sometimes (literally), but they are neither threatening nor frightening, so kids of all ages can enjoy getting to know these unique characters 

Available in playsets, arenas, and 15 unique zombies, consumers can find these sport loving zombies on Amazon and at Toys “R” Us in November 2020 


“Over the last few years the zombie category has grown exponentially,” said Cisco Maldonado, Senior Director – Brand Strategy, Bandai America. “This is not your typical zombie and it’s not your typical toy, we’ve taken the best of the action figures and the collectible world and brought them together, making it appealing for young boys and girls to collect and compete with their favorites from the WORLD OF ZOMBIES.” 

To keep up with the latest WORLD OF ZOMBIES news, tune into our YouTube channel where weekly webisodes and fun content will be released and follow our social channels! 

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  • Facebook: @BandaiAmerica
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