Avoid These Self-Destructive Ways Of Dealing With Stress

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There are many ways people cope with stress – some of which are healthier than others. The unhealthiest forms of stress relief often involve engaging in self-destructive behaviour. In many cases, this behaviour doesn’t just cause added stress in the long run, but also encourages other health problems as well as sometimes harming other people. Below are just some of the worst ways to deal with stress, and what you should be doing instead. 

Abusing harmful substances

Alcohol, cigarettes and drugs may provide a temporary high that helps us to feel less stressed – but these substances can be a cause of added stress in the long run. If you  constantly rely on harmful substances, you could eventually develop withdrawal symptoms, which will amplify stress. These substances can also harm your body in all kinds of ways from destroying your lungs to causing liver failure. 

What you should do instead…

Opt instead for health substances that can reduce stress. Substances like chamomile, passionflower and valerian root are good examples. You could also look into CBD – this is a cannabis extract that does not have any THC (the substance that makes you high), instead offering only the health benefits. You can buy this at a CBD store online

Comfort eating

Bingeing on unhealthy food can provide a serotonin rush. However, the effects are usually short-lived. Meanwhile, constantly comfort eating junk food will only serve to damage your body, increasing blood pressure and causing weight gain.

What you should do instead…

Avoid comfort eating junk foods, and stick to healthy foods that may help to reduce stress. Bananas, pumpkin seeds and dark chocolate are all snacks that can reduce anxiety without damaging your health. 

Taking your anger out on others

Do you snap at other people when you’re stressed? Worse still, do you pick fights or behave violently? While anger is an effective way to release stress, it can be the cause of added stress if you end up harming the people you care about. Your loved ones will only have so much patience with you.

What you should do instead…

Believe it or not, but there are healthy ways to release your anger. Taking out your anger on a punchbag could be one option. Other alternative options could include things like scream therapy or going to a rage room

Bottling it up

Stress will not go away unless you release it. Keeping stress pent up inside you will cause it to wear away at you. Your muscles will stay tense causing cramps, your mind will stay extra alert leading to headaches and your blood pressure will stay high leading to strain on the heart. Mentally, meanwhile the negative thoughts will keep building up. Eventually, you’ll either experience burnout or a panic attack.

What you should do instead…

Don’t bottle up your stress. Let it out by partaking in activities like exercise, laughter or karaoke. Make sure that you’re also sharing your feelings of stress with other people. If you have no friends or family you feel comfortable opening up to, consider talking to a therapist. Even sharing your problems anonymously online in forums can help.

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