Teaching Science to “Non-Science” Students & Using an Appropriate Homeschool Science Curriculum

For children that have a hard time with certain subjects, trying to force them to learn the “traditional” methods can be hard. Growing up, when doing Science classes, I was a “Non-Science” student. I had a hard time comprehending the experiments and things in my classes, but once given a book to read to learnRead more

SonicAlert Blink Doorbell Signaler Keeps You In The Know

My husband and I have gone on and off for years on if we wanted to put a doorbell in at our house. Weighing the pro’s and con’s. The sound of a doorbell when our kids were napping, or sleeping for the night always was the con that won. That was until now. Sonic AlertRead more

Hellowater Is More Then A Way To Stay Hydrated

Working on getting healthy means, working on staying hydrated. Hellowater makes sure you are not only staying hydrated, but also getting your daily fiber needs met easily by having a delicious flavored water that has fiber. I was lucky enough to have my family and I check out the different flavors.   I was curiousRead more