Adventure Travels Your Entire Family Will Love

Your choice of vacation says a lot about you, which also extends to the rest of your family. If you’ve been wanting to get away for a weekend or even a couple of weeks, touring the country is simply not enough. What you need is incredible adventures you’ll remember for the rest of your lives, and we have some brilliant ideas. Mentioned below are five things you can do to plan the best holiday so far! 


  1. Plan a continental getaway: Vacationing in the same country is great, but what if you were to hop across continents? There are absolutely stunning locations waiting for you with amazing experiences across terrains. Imagine a desert safari across breathtaking dunes of the Middle-East, or a cosmopolitan vacation full of luxurious wine and dining events! If you and your family have eagerly awaited vacationing countries eagerly since the pandemic, just like us, booking your tickets to jet set across the continent to your favorite destination. From Greece to Cambodia, the sky’s the limit! 

2. Book a luxurious camping experience: Have you ever had a luxe camping or safari experience that has the best views and amenities? If not, now is the perfect time to try out Kruger National Park Camps! Comprising the best views and stunning wildlife, Kruger Park is one of the most well-known reserves that can turn grown adults into excited kids! Speaking of kids, your children would have the time of their lives being introduced to exotic creatures in their natural habitat, which beats any type of enclosure or zoo visit! 

3. Explore tropical blue beaches: If lush views of blue sandy beaches complete with coconut and palm trees swaying gently in the summer breeze are your dream vacation, head over to your closest paradise! Places like Thailand, Bali, Maldives, Bora Bora, and Goa are amazing choices for a beautiful mini vacation. Grab your sunscreen and swimming gear if you wish to embark on the most serene beach holiday, full of experiences like watersports, scuba diving, and deep sea diving. Spot some marine life and dolphins, enjoy the delicious cuisines and bask in the glow of the warm sun- this is what dreams are made of! 

4.  Chase the northern lights: If you love the skies and stars, the northern lights will perhaps be the biggest inclusion on your bucket list! Every year, the aurora borealis gathers visitors from all across the world who travel across countries for a glimpse of the technicolored phenomenon. The closest you can get a sneak at these ethereal ribbons of light are Canada and Iceland, so plan and time your trip accordingly. There are several tour companies and northern light aficionados who lead trips for just this, so try getting in touch with them to book your slot. 

5. Fall in love with romantic architecture: European architecture is by far one of the most stunning creations of humanity and is worth a visit. If you wish to spend a relaxing and laid-back vacation with your family or significant other, you can choose your favorite country or tour the full European circuit. From admiring majestic citadels and churches to visiting well-known landmarks, these are truly a trip back in time. 


Final Words: 

We hope that these five ideas help you zero down on your favorite theme and experience. Remember to book early and plan your itinerary well to have the best holiday in 2022! 

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