6 Improvements to Make In Your Home to Add Value

Do you wonder what you can do as a homeowner to improve the value of your home? Whether you are selling shortly or not, adding value isn’t something you should shy away from. That being said, you want to know if any money that you do invest in your home increases the value and benefits you as well. There are so many helpful resources to help you add more value to your home, including things like loans and other financing options to make these improvements possible. 

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Insulating your home can help you protect your home from the elements, provide soundproofing if applicable, perfect for growing families, and reduce your energy bills. The type of insulation you choose depends on your local climate. Insulatekansascity.com is an expert in providing residential insulation for wall cavities, lofts, and more.


The beauty of the landscaping is it automatically makes your home look good when done correctly. First impressions count and a well-landscaped exterior can add up to 77%, reports suggest. Typically you can expect to recoup your costs upon selling, more if you undertake the bulk of the work yourself.

For an added wow factor, build garden structures or focal points that add extra benefits and increase usability within your garden.

Front Door and Windows

If your windows don’t function as they should or are looking old and worn, replacing them is something you can enjoy while you live in your home and will still hold value. When talking about curb appeal, your front door and your windows are part of this and an integral part of how well insulated your home is, leading to lower energy bills and better security. 

Statement Lighting

Never has lighting too on more of a life of its own than now. With many different statement lights to suit a wide range of tastes and interior decor styles, simply changing the lighting in your home can really change up space and give you a whole new look and feel.

Open It Up

If you have the funds to invest in rearranging the flow of your home or opening it up, then it is well worth addressing any layout issues and changing what doesn’t work for you. Look at how you interact with your home and what can help you to move around easier. For some, it could be removing walls, opening up the floor plan for a more open-plan space. For others, you might need to reconfigure the layout to maximize the space you have in your home and make it work better for you and anyone who moves in after you.


Did you know wall-to-wall carpeting puts buyers off? While carpet has its uses, homes that are fully carpeted can be off-putting due to the upkeep. See if you can rip up your carpets and inspect the floor below. See what condition your floorboards are in and see if you can revive them. If not, consider laying real wood flooring, laminate, or even vinyl flooring to remove carpet from rooms and give your home a new look and feel that buyers will appreciate once the time comes.


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