5 Quick and Easy Steps to a Better Summer Garden

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Colorful Summer garden – Image Courtesy of Pixabay

You can enjoy the warmer weather even more with a better Summer garden. Taking care of your yard means more space, increased wildlife activity, and space for growing fragrant herbs.

Pay Attention to the Hedges

While a rugged appearance allows you to appreciate nature as it should be, functional areas of your garden are also necessary. You can entertain guests, grill, or relax in the available space. You can define the usable space by trimming hedges and defining edges around your garden. Straight lines look great, but curves add a nice touch for a more relaxed look. You should also consider tree lopping to tidy up any unkempt or unruly areas of your garden that you need to use for other practical things. This also helps define your property lines for your neighbors.

Spruce Up Outdoor Furniture

Your outdoor furniture may be exposed to some of the worst elements of the weather, depending on where you live. In the UK, your garden items, for example, are likely to be battered for most of the year. Wind, rain, and snow can wreak havoc on your belongings, while the sun bleaches the color of outdoor furniture. Benches, tables, and chairs, for example, can all benefit from a fresh coat of paint. However, when it comes time to use them again, a good tip is to paint them in bright colors so they can withstand the brightness of the sun.

Get a Better Garden with a Growing Wall

A bare garden wall can be transformed into a home for wild-growing plants. Vertical planters allow you to direct the growth and direction of your plants. They also don’t require a lot of upkeep. Once you’ve planted them, all you have to do now is watch them grow and trim and water them as needed. Growing walls are not only visually appealing, but they also benefit your garden. Green walls, in addition to looking lush and flourishing, provide benefits such as attracting birds and bees, promoting organic vegetation, and cleaning the air.

Make a Home for Birds and Bees

In addition to attracting small wildlife, birds and bees are necessary for a healthy garden. You won’t need to use chemicals because birds are excellent at eating pests as a natural food source. Flowers are pollinated by bees, which allows them to grow. A DIY feeder will help you attract more birds. The most straightforward method is to hang bird seeds and fat balls in a net for them to peck at. Birds build their own nests, but by planting flowers that are native to your area, you can easily attract more bees. Single petal flowers and potent herbs work well. 

How About Some Hedgehogs?

You must be cautious of wildlife if you take on any challenges to improve your garden. Making drastic changes to your garden can result in the eviction of innocent animals who rely on the plants in your garden for their survival. Herbivore hotels, for example, can accommodate common garden animals like hedgehogs. Wine crates and other wooden boxes are ideal because they are natural, organic, and safe. To attract furry visitors, place the hotel in the quietest part of your garden and cover it with leaves, straw, and other natural debris.


You can easily get a better summer garden. Begin by tidying up the edges and hedges. Following that, spruce up the outdoor furniture. And make an inviting environment for birds.


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