5 Lovely Gift Ideas for Someone Born in Autumn

Everyone has that one friend who was born in autumn and for whom it is quite a rollercoaster to go birthday shopping. These people usually say that they’ve already got everything they need and that your presence at their birthday party is the best gift they could receive. However, it is still impossible to come empty handed, so every year you find yourself looking for original gift ideas. If you’re in this situation, you came to the right place, as today we’ll take a look at 5 things for all budgets that would make a thoughtful present for any autumn enthusiast.  

Homemade cinnamon rolls 

Let’s start with something small, but really thoughtful. We all know how the saying goes: the best present is the one that you make yourself, and especially during autumn, there’s no better time to prepare some soft and tasty cinnamon rolls with crème cheese glazing. There are lots of easy recipes online so that you could bake these goodies even if you have no cooking skills. Put them up in a beautiful packaging, write a lovely message on a note, and be assured that such a tasty present won’t be forgotten. 

A gift card 

The most basic and inexpensive, but honestly the safest choice when it comes to presents is to give your friend a gift card to whatever place you know he likes, whether it is his favorite store, a new restaurant that he said he’d like to try out sometimes, or even his barbershop. If you want something less basic, you can give him a gift card to a quest that he can enjoy with his friends or family. 

A warm sweater 

Let’s not forget that autumn is sweater weather, so getting a jumper should be on everyone’s fall to do list. Why not give your friend such a versatile and useful present? Pullovers with distinctive patterns such as Irish sweaters have been trendy for decades and they don’t seem to plan on losing any of their popularity. You can find authentic ones made of 100% wool in online stores like Tara Irish Clothing; they will keep your friend warm and go with anything. 

A collection of bath bombs 

There’s no quite a season like autumn for unwinding in a hot bath filled with tons of bath bombs, aromatic salts, and natural oils. Many of us have a hard time adjusting from the sunny summer days to the almost total absence of vitamin D, so a bath is all we need for both our physical and mental health. There is a wide range of bath bombs with all sorts of fragrances and designs, so choosing the right one will be a breeze.  

A photo session 

When was the last time you’ve seen your friends taking pictures of themselves? A photo session is definitely something that many people would like to participate in without having to pay for it, so it will be an excellent present for this rainy and atmospheric autumnal weather. The photo session is especially great if your friend has just experienced an important life event, like a pregnancy announcement or the birth of a child.  


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