4 Ways Awesome Parents Stay Healthy

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It’s not an option to be out of commission when you have children. To kids, you are a machine that never tires, is always on, and is up for anything. Many parents are tired, run down, and dealing with home and work. With so much on your plate, you have to take great care of yourself, and sometimes, going to the doctor for a small ailment is not an option. Here are a few life hacks you can use to help with the small, non-medical emergency ailments that may sneak up on an awesome parent.




Whether it’s screaming children or a screaming boss, migraines can sneak up on you out of nowhere. What’s worse is that migraines can get so severe they can sideline you, and sometimes, there is no time to be sidelined. A quick at home remedy to subdue the pain in your head is to drink lavender tea. Brewing a cup and drinking it has been medically proven to reduce stress and stop your migraines in their tracks. Pick some up when you’re at the store or find a way to make your own.


Upset Stomach


An upset stomach can creep on from bad food, eating too fast, or even stress. All of these things can happen while you are out and on the move or trying to get some rest after a long and strenuous day. One quick remedy for settling your stomach is mint. Whether you take a sprig out of the fridge, boil a tea, or simply steep it in hot water, or add it to a meal, doctors say mint is a great way to settle your rocky stomach. 




Sometimes we feel as if our insides are swollen and on fire. Inflammation can be a sign of a deeper issue at hand in your body. Inflammation can also be the result of stress and not taking good care of yourself. For the parent on the go who can’t seem to shake the hot feeling of inflammation, use castor oil packs. Kristen Blake Wellness has a great recipe for making castor oil packs that can get deep within your tissue and organs and help soothe the discomfort of inflammation. 


Sore Throats and Coughs


Nothing takes the wind out of you like, well, a cough. Match that with a sore throat, and you will find yourself worn out and tired. Parents of little ones and even big ones can’t take a day off when the family needs them. Echinacea is a certified remedy for your sore throat and cough, and the natural herbs in echinacea soothe your throat and help subdue your cough. Adding honey helps as the thickness of the honey will coat your throat and 

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help relax your muscles.      






Image sourced by Pixabay. CC0 License


Awesome parents know when an ailment requires attention and when an illness needs to be treated. But if you’re having a slight case of something and can still get the job done, these remedies will help you get back on your feet.

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