4 Perspective Shifts For Good Mental Health

At many times, life seems out of our control. And the truth is, it’s actually beyond our control. While you can read hundreds of books and listen to motivational speakers to figure out ‘how to control your life’, it takes a significant amount of investment, time, patience, courage, and grit to get there. It takes a perspective shift. It’s all about how you perceive life. While you can take something on your hurt and be sad or try to understand the other person’s perspective and be neutral and not infuriating at the least.  


And this perspective game can have a drastic impact on our mental health. This article discusses some pointers explaining how perspective shift can benefit your mental state and life. Read on.  


#1 Other’s Opinions About You Doesn’t Matter: How often does your brain think about that one weird thing that your colleague said about you? Dozens of times. “You have a great personality.” Wow. “You’ve gained weight, piggy.” And it breaks your heart. While you may hide the emotion with your awkward smile, it keeps on crossing your mind.  


One needs to understand that everyone has their opinions. As long as you know you’re living in alignment with your principles and values, what others think about you should be none of your business. When you change your perspective in this way, you don’t get anxious and spend your time peacefully.  


#2 When You’re Hurt, Learn to Seek Guidance: There are times when you get deeply hurt due to an ocean of reasons. And that’s okay. But instead of going crazy about it, learn to seek the right guidance.  


Either talk to your family and friends, take help from books or follow the teachings of the monks at Wyoming Carmelites, who talk about the importance of prayer in order to walk the right path in life. Here, we are talking about the perspective shift of seeking help in difficult times rather than taking all the burden on yourself.  


#3 Learn to Forgive Yourself and Others: Who doesn’t make mistakes? Sometimes life throws you a curveball, and you should hit it out of the park without worrying about the consequences. There must have been days when you had to take a tough decision on the risk of hurting someone else. Now you may either take the regret or accept that you had to do it and forgive yourself. Do not mistake forgiveness for the acceptance of bad behaviors but is a power that allows us to show grace as humans and grow. When you learn to forgive, you no longer hold on to negative thoughts and feelings and allow your mind to focus on other better things.  


#4 Focus on More Important Things: When you focus your attention on multiple things, you’re likely to get stuck and get overwhelmed. An individual’s ability to make the best decision suffers when they try to do multiple things simultaneously. Thus, it’s only reasonable to narrow your focus to 2-3 most important things in your life and invest most of your time in those things. Not only would it allow better results, but it would also allow your brain to breathe and live peacefully.  

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