4 Foods To Boost Your Immune Function

An estimated 3% of Americans have weakened immune systems with varying severity and for various reasons. However, a robust immune system is critical to remain strong and healthy. Therefore, it is best to boost your immune system, particularly during this COVID-19 period, where health is a top priority. Luckily, there are countless foods you can rely on to strengthen your immune function. If you wish to know more about what to eat for a stronger immune system, please look at these points.

  • Shellfish

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Shellfish isn’t the first food option that comes to mind for people looking to boost their immune system and physical health. However, some shellfish types contain a lot of zinc that your body needs for the proper functioning of your immune cells. Consequently, you can purchase shellfish high in zinc like crabs, lobsters, oysters, and mussels and include them in your diet regularly. However, stick to the recommended daily dose of 11 mg or 8 mg for adult men and women, respectively, for optimum health.

  • Ginger


Ginger has long been used in many types of traditional and alternative medicine. This flowering plant originating in Southeast Asia is widely considered one of the healthiest and most delicious spices worldwide. Ginger’s unique fragrance and flavor are obtained from its natural oils like Gingerol, responsible for much of this spice’s medicinal properties. Gingerol also has robust anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects. Therefore, it is no surprise that many animal and test-tube studies suggest that ginger can boost immune response. You can use it to lower nausea, aid digestion, and fight the flu and common cold. Adding ginger to stir-fries, soups, and fish is an excellent way to enjoy this remarkable spice. Also, a simple ginger tea bag can be used to create the perfect winter tonic when the need arises. 

  • Citrus fruits


Many people turn to citrus fruits after catching a cold or flu because they contain Vitamin C that helps strengthen the immune system. Vitamin C increases white blood cell production, making diseases easier to fight. However, you needn’t wait till you have a cold to enjoy the health benefits of citrus fruits and the Vitamin C they contain. Oranges, grapefruit, lemons, and clementine are some of the popular citrus fruits you can purchase from grocery stores nationwide to remain healthy. Also, remember that your body doesn’t produce or store Vitamin C, so you need a daily dose of this vitamin for sustained health.

  • Watermelon

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Watermelon is a popular immune-boosting food that many people consider a summertime treat, although it can prevent many winter ills. One two-cup serving of watermelon reportedly has 30% of the daily vitamin A requirement, 25% of the daily Vitamin C requirement, and 270mg of potassium. However, watermelon’s immense store of lycopene is what makes it a true superfood. Lycopene gives this fruit its red color and other health benefits like reducing respiratory inflammation to prevent various infections. You can enjoy watermelon in many ways, including a fruit salad, a glass of watermelon strawberry lemonade, and frozen watermelon sorbet.


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