3 Ways To Role Model Healthy Living To Your Family

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A role model is somebody who influences others through their behaviors and words. 


Sometimes, role models can have a negative influence, as they might do and say things that people shouldn’t follow. As parents, we can sometimes run this risk because of one simple fact: We’re not perfect!


Still, when it comes to our family, we need to improve the way we live so as to improve the way they live. When we follow rules for better health and wellbeing, they will hopefully follow them too!


With this in mind then, here are just a few of the ways to role model healthy living to your family.  


#1: Eat healthier snacks


It’s no good telling your children to cut back on chocolate if you regularly sneak a candy bar into your mouth when you think nobody is watching. The same applies to potato chips, cakes, cookies, and other snack items that will one day necessitate a trip to your local dental services


Make an effort to eat more fruit, protein bars, and other snacks that can be considered healthy. If your children see you eating such foods they should be more inclined to eat them too. Consider the same for other aspects of healthy eating. If you want your children to eat more greens, for example, make sure that you eat them too instead of feeding them to the dog during your family dinners! 


#2: Put down your phone more often


Sadly, screen addiction has become a common problem, for both children and adults. Screens come in all shapes and sizes of course, but it’s our phones that take up the most amount of our screen time. Take a look out of your window now. Chances are, more people than not are walking past with their eyes glued to their phones!


Screen addiction can lead to a number of health risks, such as obesity, sleep deprivation, and eye strain. These are issues you want to avoid and you will want your children to avoid them too. This is why you probably limit screen time in your home and encourage them to do other things. While this is all well and good, your words will fall on deaf ears if you’re regularly glued to your phone and the other screens in your life. So, put down your phone more often and practice what you preach, for the sake of everybody’s health in your family. 


#3: Make the effort to exercise regularly


It’s because of screen time that many of us fall behind on exercise. This is another reason why you need to place limits on screens in your home. But it’s no good telling your children to play outside and get more exercise if you’re sat on the sofa scrolling through Facebook or bingeing Netflix shows. You need to make the effort to exercise too, as your family will be more inclined to follow your example. 


Check out these fun ways to exercise as a family as they could incentivize everybody to get off the sofa!




There is much more you can do of course, from getting the right amount of sleep to taking time out for self-care. When you role model these habits and the other suggestions we have made in this article, your family should hopefully follow suit. So, remember that your children are watching you and today, act in ways that befit a positive role model!

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