HighOh Helps Keep Periods In Check

After having kids, I could no longer use tampons while on my menstrual cycle. Switching back to pads after many years of not using them have been so terribly uncomfortable. Disposable pads are not only awful for our environment, they are also so bulky feeling. And they always seem to rub my skin in the raw spots. Then after a full menstrual cycle, I end up having an uncomfortable rash type of thing. Which lasts another week. It is no way to feel. HighOh sent me these reusable pads to check out.  They are so much more sleek in design.


HighOh has come out with the perfect reusable pads. You can get a Period Starter kit which comes with 6 reusable pads as well as a wet bag to put them in. This is perfect if you are trying to figure out if this is the time for you to make the switch. What I absolutely love about HighOh is that they have a two button system to keep the pads in place while you are wearing them. This is nothing like the rest. They are very absorbent.


I also absolutely love that HighOh donates a pad to someone in need for every set purchased. Which means your purchase is going to help someone who would otherwise be going without proper feminine care products.

Don’t worry about if you have a lighter or heavier cycle, HighOh makes sure they have everyone covered, from panty liners to double heavy flow overnight. Which means you don’t have to worry about changing no matter what time of day. With the sleek black wet bag, this will easily fit into your purse or day bag so you can always be prepared.

If you would like to learn more about HighOh, and everything they have to offer, please check out their website.

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